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Viva Screws are coated with steel in compliance to AS 3566 Class 3.  
Rust protection coating is done at 25 micron on screw surface.  
Viva Screws can drill and countersink onto Viva Boards and studs without pre-drilling.  
They can be used with electric drill with speed of over 2,700 rounds per minute.

Remarks: Steel coating class 3 is suitable for use in moderate temperature. 
For harsh weather conditions, steel coating class 4 is highly recommended.


Viva Flex PU Sealant conforms to SNJF, ASTM C920, ISO 8339 and ASTM D412 standard.

Sausage package contains 600 ml and cartridge package 310 ml. 

It is available in two colors; white and light grey.


  • After properly cleaning gaps between boards, apply masking tape along edges of both boards. 

  • Insert Viva Backing Rod into gap to prevent three-way joint and safe the sealant

  • Fill the gap with Viva Flex sealant. The filling dept should equal the width of the gap.

  • Clear any excess sealant on filled surface before removing masking tape. The filled gaps should never be exposed to water or humidity for at least 2 hours. Allow 24 hours for complete drying before paint.

Remark: Polyurethane will slightly shrink after hardening. 


Viva backing rod are functioned to minimize the amount of polyurethane sealant required and used under joint sealants in order to give the sealant the correct dimensions to allow the maximum movement. and to act as a bond breaker between surfaces. Viva backing rod is avaliable in two sizes; 3 mm is suitable for Viva board 8-10 mm and 6 mm is suitable for Viva board above above 10 mm. Length of Viva backing rod is 50 meters per unit.


Viva Epoxy is suitable for screw head covering and attaching covering materials such as ceramic tile and mosaic tile.

Available Color : Light Grey

Weight : 2 kg/set (Part A + B)


For Interior Wall, Exterior Wall, Interior Floor & Floor Plank

100% Acrylic water resistant,

Semi-gloss, non-yellowing film,

Does not change surface appearance, Suitable for Viva Board in natural finish 

Net Content : 3.785 litres

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